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This playful vodka-based classic combines the bitter sweetness of orange liqueur with cranberry juice and a trademark kick of lime.

Espresso Martini

Strong and bitter, the espresso martini is the perfect cocktail for vodka and coffee lovers alike and provides an invigorating alternative to fruit based cocktails.


Minty, lime-kissed and delicately sweet, it doesn’t get much more refreshing than a mojito. Made with white rum, a mojito is very “summer afternoon”, although we wouldn’t say no on a winter evening either!

Amaretto Sour

This recipe sees the famous almond flavoured liquor paired with lemon juice and sugar syrup. The sourness of the lemon juice really compliments the sweet, smooth taste of the amaretto – making something different yet delicious!

Sea Breeze

Born towards the end of the probation era, the sea breeze has evolved massively over the years. However, we can assure you the modern mix of vodka, grapefruit and cranberry is an absolute winner!

The Wibble

A delicious and tantalizing mix of blackberry, lemon and gin flavours, this cocktail is the liquid tribute to long afternoons spent in September sun. We do however warm you this cocktail is decidedly moreish – so with the Wibble their may come wobble!

Cuba Libre

The iconic national drink of Cuba combines cola, rum and lime in a celebration of independence that’s guaranteed to make your taste buds rejoice. Quite simply it’s a rum and coke – done right.

Tuaca Crumble

A desert-like delight; the tuaca crumble mixes apple juice, Tuaca and a pinch of cinnamon to make something which is as naughty as it is nice! Tuaca is an Italian liquor with flavours of vanilla and citrus and if you haven’t yet tried it now’s your chance!

Lynchberg Lemonade

There’s not many whisky-based cocktails around, so when you find one you know it’s bound to be something special. Triple sec, Jack Daniels and Lemon-lime soda make this a drink Tennessee can be proud of.

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